Don't Tap The White Tile

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  1. Sz***** At*****'s Review 2014-08-30 12:54

    Do Not Tap The White Tile is a puzzle game for Android applications. To be good at this game you need very developed and unshakable reflexes. You should be rapid and precise. The essence of the game is that you are not allowed, under any circumstances to touch the white tile. It is better if you begin from the lowest black tile and you just try going up and play as fast as you can.

    The game contains four modes. These are the next: Arcade, Classic, Zen and Relay mode. It is preferable to try out all of the modes and then select the best one that fits your skills. It is also possible to combat with your friends and challenge them to beat your score.

    In Arcade mode you should tapas many black tiles as you can and stay alive as long as possible. In Classic mode you should tap the black tiles as rapid as possible to get access to the target. In Zen mode you should tap as many black tiles you can within thirty seconds. And finally in Relay mode you should tap fifty black tiles within ten seconds to pass one round. Win as many rounds as possible.

    The graphics of the game is very simple and user-friendly. It makes this type of game an appropriate game to be played. HU WEN ZENG is the developer of Do Not Tap The White Tile. Have fun and give this game a try!

App Description

This is a spiritual game, flying your fingers where you are a musician,our game is much better than other "white tiles" and "piano tiles". If you feel so too, write your review and recommend it to your friends please!
you can be a life Zen, it can be a passionate player, we just give you a black and white tile,
depress the black block, do not step on the white tile,
when you're tired from work, black and white world of pure music, eliminating the worries of your day,
thin strips of mind, out on a mystery tour, do not forget pk together with friends to seewho can go further.
The game has three modes:
- Classic mode, the fastest to reach the end
- Endless mode, etc., how would you have the ability etc., how, no time limit,
and this is one of the most challenging mode
- Time mode within 30 seconds you can walk a few steps to seeWatch your step, DON'T TAP THE WHITE TILE. This is the only rule in this additive game.

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