KNOBz Zooper Widget Skin

Theme for Zooper Widget
Required to install Nova Launcher (or Apex Launcher), Zooper Widget Pro, PopUp Widget 2 and Media Utilities.
Nova Launcher settings: hide statusbar top, remove the padding around the edges of the screen, set the desktop 10x10 grid. Else at your discretion.
Add a widget on your desktop. Click on it and get into the selection of sources from which can be installed templates. See the icon in the designated theme. Click on it and get into the menu theme templates. Choose a template. He appears on the desktop. I repeat once again: it does not matter what size you add a widget you can stretch it (long press on it and from the menu select "change"). Also, do not forget to use the menu "Scaling". With these two functions, you will achieve the desired result. In fact, everything is very simple. All of the above steps you are doing with the other templates.
To systemic progress bars are displayed correctly on your device information you need to go to the menu, select "Edit progress bar" and in "maximum" set the value of which is provided by your system (if the memory card 8GB, you set the maximum to 8000 (I used the map in MB).
To control the player using Media Utilities Widget 2х1.
In the PopUp Widget create two Zooper Widget size 4x4 and one 2x1 widget Media Utilities, and tie them to Zooper Widget via the "shortcuts".
Wallpaper: palette # febdbe97
If you have any problems installing sure to write the email. Thank you!

This Application Requires No Special Permissions to Run