Ljubljana Bus

Application Ljubljana Bus which is still in beta development provides you with information on bus arrivals in Ljubljana (LPP). It also provides you with quick search (names or numbers of each station). When you tap on choosen stations, the informations like which bus and when will arrive displays at interface. For easier navigation arround Ljubljana (LPP) we also provide you with interactive map, which displays path of your chosen bus.
• Fast search by numbers or names of stations
• Adding stations in favorits
• Displays bus arrivals on stations and displays next 3 times of arrivals for each Bus/Lines (if they exist).
• Shows all stations on the map
• Shows arrival time when taping on a station
• Shows paths of bus lines
• Shows stations on path of bus lines
• My location (your location and direction)
• 3D objects
• Satelite view
• List of lines with specific number, color and direction
Pay with moneta
• Quick dialing of moneta number
• Routes schemaBeta Widget

The application has access to the following:

Phone calls


Uses one or more of: phone, call log. Charges may apply.



Uses one or more of: files on the device such as images, videos, or audio, the device's external storage

Your location


Uses the device's location