Movie Slideshow Maker

You are holding a very beautiful image for a picnic, or photos from an anniversary. You want to make a film from the photos. Want to have Slideshow made with beautiful pictures and memories are the images of a tourist trip to share with your friends.
Movie Slideshow Maker is an application that creates video from images and music the best. You can unleash a video image generated by their creations with exquisite transitions and outputting video posted on the ultra-fast internet without a computer nearby.
Some features from the application:
- Select your photos directly from the gallery.
- Take photos from your Facebook account
- Search for images from the internet.
- Add music from an existing list or from a playlist in your phone.
Pole multiple transition effects to choose from.
- Add snow effect, Sponges, Television
- Adjust the time for a photo.
- Add funny Sticker for video clips.
- Insert text on the image.
- Share videos to Social Network- Save video easily.

This Application Requires No Special Permissions to Run