Rainbow Drops Live Wallpaper

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** Please put screen in Portrait mode before setting wallpaper! Once it is set, you can put it in Landscape! **
Rainbow Drops! Pretty drops leap around with entrancing motion. Charming dots fall from the sky. This one is very pretty and fun to watch. A unique aesthetic notion without being distracting. Hip style just for you... * Drops move in beautiful arcs!
* Dots gently cascade down!
* Stylish original animation!Looks great in Portrait or Landscape. Landscape zooms in and lets you see the animation in greater detail. To see this, please go to your phone's "Display" settings and make sure "Auto-Rotate Screen" is checked. Also, please ensure you are running a third party launcher, as most built-in launchers do not support home screen rotation. Supported launchers include Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, and LauncherPro, all available for free from the Android Market.

This Application Requires No Special Permissions to Run