The big word factory

Award-winning picturebook "Die große Wörterfabrik", by Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo is now available as an interactive picturebook-app for reading, discovering, playing and learning.
Dive into Paul and Marie's story and set out to a peculiar land. Discover the world of words, languages, poetry and love. Beautifully crafted animations and interactions create a whole new reading experience. Playfully, you will explore the world of words, you will help create the story and can finally watch it as a picturebook movie.
An enchanting picturebook app for curious children from the age of 3 and romantics of any age - heartfelt, poetic, playful, creative.Content:
There’s a land where people talk hardly at all. In this peculiar country, you have to buy and swallow words to be able to pronounce them. Little Paul desperately needs some words to open his heart to pretty Marie. But how is he going to manage Because for everything he wants to say, he would need a fortune ...Features:
* Have someone read the beautiful story of Paul and Marie to you or read it yourself
* Playfully discover the world of words and language
* Get to know different categories of words: sweet and evil words, funny and obsolete words, rhymes and greetings.
* Learn how various words sound in different languages
* Find matching syllables and join them to make new words
* Catch flying words
* Listen to individual words by tapping on them
* Help create the story and choose the colour of Marie's dress
* Watch the story as a picturebook film
* Beautiful illustrations, specifically processed for the App
* Wonderful animations and interactions that give life to the story
* Great sounds and other effects
* Very easy handling and menu navigation
* Visual table of contents, making it easy to jump to each page
* Playful learning experience for curious children from the age of 3
* An enchanting love story for romantics of any age===
Based on the book "Die große Wörterfabrik", mixtvision Verlag, Munich.
Original edition: "La grande fabrique de mots", Alice Éditions, Brussels.Published in English under the title "Philea's fortune : a story about self-expression" by Magination Press, Washington (DC).

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